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HBV Infection In Dentistry

Posted on 12/5/2022 by Southern Family Dental Care
HBV Infection In DentistryHepatitis B virus infection which is abbreviated as (HBV) is a double-stranded virus from the hepadnaviridae family which affects the liver. Blood and possibly saliva from an infected person can spread the hepatitis B virus (HBV). It is possible to transmit from contact with saliva and gingival reticular infected fluid, making the workers in the field of oral health care more susceptible to contracting the disease. Therefore, routinely practicing good clinical hygiene should be done to stop the spread of HBV in the dental office.

Are There Risks Associated With HBV Infection At The Dental Office?

Apart from dentists' willingness to treat patients with HBV, some of them may be reluctant if the patient has HIV. This shows that the risk of faster spread is higher in patients with HIV compared to HBV patients.

How Can HBV Infection Be Prevented In The Dental Office?

To prevent the spread of HBV, a high standard of clinical hygiene is required, including the routine use of disposable injection needles, single-dose drug containers, sterilized equipment, and thorough personal hygiene before and after treating patients. When treating individuals who are likely to be contagious, more rigorous safeguards are required. Even though a vaccination program for doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals is soon to be implemented, good clinical hygiene will still be crucial to protecting both patients and clinicians.

Patients who are likely to be contagious should postpone elective dental care until the contagious stage has passed; this can be demonstrated by demonstrating the absence of HBsAg in blood. If you have a history of HBV you can always share your medical history with our doctors to create awareness and more cautious handling during your surgical procedure at our facility.


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