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What Equipment is Utilized for Root Canals?

Posted on 11/7/2022 by Southern Family Dental Care
What Equipment is Utilized for Root Canals?Root canals are intricate dental operations that need numerous specialty instruments. During your root canal operation, your dentist may employ some or all of the following techniques.

Files and Reamers

These are lengthy drill bits of various diameters that are used to widen the canal before the other instrument is inserted to complete the task. Dentists utilize reamers and files of various sizes. They make their way up to the largest after starting with the tiniest.

Barbed Broach

This root canal tool, which resembles a thin screwdriver, is used to remove dead tissue from harmed teeth. This root canal instrument can assist in removing a sizable enough portion of diseased tissue.

Gates-Glidden Drills

The Gates-Glidden drill, which enables one of our dentists to delve deeper and widen the root canal in the event of an infected molar, is another effective root canal tool. It is the kind of instrument that can also be used to extract gutta-percha, a putty-like substance, during root canal therapy in our clinics.

Explorers Used for Root Canal Treatment

It is a dental tool with a small, sharp tip and a stainless steel handle. This instrument helps the dentist to view deeper into the affected tooth after the burs have fully opened it. Root canal explorers are useful for a number of things, including eliminating dental plaque that has become hardened.


These are long, pointed instruments used in root canal procedures that help remove any tissue that may have been buried inside the tooth. This device looks similar to a root canal explorer.

Endodontic Burs

To gain access to the canal, they cut a hole in the portion of your tooth that is compromised. It is more like opening a canal entry. For more information on oral health call us today.


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