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Tips for Flossing with Dental Veneers

Posted on 2/6/2023 by Southern Family Dental Care
Tips for Flossing with Dental VeneersDental veneers are thin coverings applied to your teeth to help improve their appearance. Just like your permanent teeth, it is important to clean your veneers regularly. Lack of proper care can lead to the accumulation of bacteria and cause various infections. When you have veneers installed, flossing your teeth can be a challenge. However, here are tips that you can apply for more effective flossing.

How to Floss With Veneers

When wearing veneers, a majority of people ignore flossing; a very unhealthy move. Flossing is important because it gets in between your teeth and gets rid of food particles and bacteria. Flossing will reach areas that brushing cannot reach. We recommend that you floss your teeth at least once a day. It is important to be gentle when you do it because it can damage your gums and dislodge veneers. It is also important to be careful when flossing between veneers. Aggressive flossing around the veneers will not only irritate the gum tissue but also put excessive pressure on the veneers. The type of material you use to floss also matters.

Luckily, there is a wide range of flossing materials you can choose from. One of the common options is nylon floss; however, this material can be hard to operate in tight spaces. This is why you should opt for floss threaders that are more flexible. For effective use, make sure you have tightly held the floss between your index fingers and thumbs, allowing two to five inches of floss to use. Thereafter, pass the floss threader over or under the dental veneers to get rid of any stuck food particles. As much as flossing will help get rid of unwanted bacteria, it is important to combine it with brushing and other cleaning methods. This will help ensure thorough cleaning. Visit our office for more information on how to floss with dental veneers.


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