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Different Types Of Teeth Whitening?

Posted on 2/20/2023 by Southern Family Dental Care
Different Types Of Teeth Whitening?Teeth whitening nowadays is a popular cosmetic procedure that can brighten teeth in several shades. There are many different types of teeth whitening, and it is essential to choose the one that is best for you. Some are a tad bit more effective than others, and some are more affordable. Read ahead to know more.

Tray Bleaching

Among many teeth whitening methods available, tray bleaching is one of the most popular. This technique utilizes a custom-fit tray filled with hydrogen or carbamide peroxide gel. The patient then wears the tray for a set period, typically around 30 minutes to an hour, to allow the peroxide to gradually break down stains on the teeth and brighten their overall appearance. Additionally, tray bleaching allows for customized intensity, as the gel concentrations can be adjusted depending on specific needs and preferences. 

Laser Bleaching

Laser bleaching is a newer teeth whitening method that uses high-intensity light to speed up the breakdown of peroxide on the teeth. This type of whitening is usually performed in-office by a dentist and can achieve dramatic results in just one session. However, laser bleaching is also the most expensive option, and it may not be suitable for everyone.

Chemical Bleaching

Chemical bleaching is another popular teeth whitening method that uses hydrogen peroxide or carbamide to break down stains on the teeth. This type of whitening can be performed at home or in a dental office, and it typically involves applying the bleaching agent to the teeth for a set period, then rinsing it off. Chemical bleaching is typically less expensive than laser, but it may not be as effective. Furthermore, it can cause tooth sensitivity in some people. Other options like natural teeth whitening remedies use ingredients like baking soda and lemon juice to remove stains. While these are more affordable and gentle on the teeth, they may not be as effective as other methods.

Before choosing any teeth whitening method, it is essential to consult with our dentist to find out what would work best for you. With so many options available, there is sure to be a teeth whitening method right for you.


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