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What Are The Possible Causes Of Jawbone Loss?

Posted on 8/21/2023 by Southern Family Dental Care
What Are The Possible Causes Of Jawbone Loss?Jawbone loss is a gradual process. It may not show signs in the early stages, but you may notice changes in facial appearance, teeth loosening, and wrinkles around the mouth as it progresses. In severe cases, you may lose your teeth, and the remaining teeth can move out of alignment. In addition, your chin may become more pointed, making you look older than your age. Do you know that you can prevent these issues by preventing jawbone loss? You can achieve this by learning the possible causes of this oral condition. Here are the causes:

Missing Teeth

The lack of one or more missing teeth indicates that your jawbone does not receive stimulation through activities such as eating. This makes the portion of the jawbone that supports the teeth weaken. Therefore, the body will no longer use the weak jawbone parts, causing them to deteriorate.

Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease is usually a result of plaque buildup. When the plaque produces toxins, they irritate the gums, making them red, swollen, inflamed, and bleed. If not treated, the irritation will worsen, separating the gums and teeth. This creates pockets, and plaque can harden into tartar. When the infection goes below the gum line, it can affect the gums and jawbone, causing them to deteriorate.

Teeth Misalignment

Teeth crookedness causes some teeth to lack the opposing structure. In this case, the teeth will over-erupt, which applies constant pressure on the jawbone. This results in a weak jawbone, which will likely deteriorate with time.


Dentures are common teeth replacement options. Unfortunately, they fit on top of the gum line. This means that there will be no jawbone stimulation, which can lead to deterioration. Luckily, you can improve the health of your jawbone by considering implant-supported dentures. Schedule an appointment with us today, and learn more about the causes of jawbone loss and how to prevent them.


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