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The Impact of Celiac Disease on Dental Health

Posted on 6/15/2024 by Southern Family Dental Care
Dentist talking with reclining patient about celiac diseaseBesides being chronically associated with problems regarding the gastrointestinal tract, celiac disease has a significant impact on dental health. Celiac patients must take care of dental problems, which will help them stay orally healthy. Let us find out how celiac disease affects teeth and gums.

Enamel Defects

Enamel defects can range from simple tooth discolorations to the development of pitting and grooves on the surface of teeth. They occur when celiac disease interferes with the formation of enamel, mainly if it is present during childhood, during which teeth formation takes place. The enamel defects are aesthetic, and the affected enamel structure is weak. Hence, it is prone to cavitation and sensitivity.

Recurrent Mouth Ulcers

A second dental problem commonly associated with celiac disease is the recurrence of canker sores, also called aphthous ulcers. These are small, painful ulcers that recur in the mouth and are more frequent in celiac sufferers. Celiac disease and canker sores may be linked to nutrient deficiencies arising from malabsorption or as a direct reaction to gluten in those who are sensitive.

Dry Mouth and Saliva Production

Celiac disease can also diminish the amount of saliva produced and lower the amount of saliva swallowed. This becomes a problem because saliva is necessary for good oral health: it neutralizes acid and rinses leftovers away in the mouth. People with insufficient saliva are at even greater risk for getting decay and diseases in the gums.

Proactive Dental Care

People with celiac disease should inform their dentist of their condition. Regularly visiting a dentist can detect enamel defects, decay, and associated early symptoms, and interventions can be started. A gluten-free diet is important to avoid and minimize symptoms for better absorption of essential nutrients and strengthening overall dental health.

Schedule Your Dental Check-Up

Dental health is a crucial part of celiac disease. Do not let symptoms arise; schedule an appointment with our dentist today to discuss treatment and ways your condition may affect your dental health. Early detection and proper treatment can keep your smile beautiful and your future much healthier. Join us in taking this crucial step toward better health!


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