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Sport Affiliated Tooth Injuries

Posted on 7/18/2022 by Southern Family Dental Care
Sport Affiliated Tooth InjuriesThe severity of a cracked or broken tooth can vary wildly. Most of the time, it happens when a player is playing a sport and gets hit in the face. The country's sports authorities say players who do not wear mouthguards can likely get hurt their teeth during competitions when they get hit unexpectedly. A tooth injury caused this way can lead to several long-term problems.

In the dental world, cracks that run the length of a tooth are called "craze lines." These grooves in the enamel do not pose a significant threat to your teeth's health. On the other hand, a cracked tooth has a split or crack that starts at the tooth's crown and goes down into the tooth.

Fractured roots

Sports-related tooth damage is not necessarily limited to the tooth's crown. A hit at the incorrect angle has the potential to fracture the root first. This occurs when a crack develops at the tooth's root and moves toward the chewing surface. Normally, fractures are frequently invisible, you might overlook the issue until the infection worsens. The location of the fracture along the root determines how severe this tooth damage is. The less likely a patient is to have necrosis, which eventually results in tooth loss, after receiving root canal therapy, commonly known as endodontic treatment, for a root fracture.

Intrusion of teeth

Sports injuries often cause cracked teeth, at times the teeth can be driven back to their jawbone to take place. This kind of pain is called intrusion, and it only happens in a few cases when permanent teeth are hurt. However, these may happen more often with kids' teeth because the alveolar bones, that hold tooth sockets, are not as strong in children as in adults. Visit our clinics today for safe and comfortable medical procedures for sports-related injuries.


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