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Emergencies in general dentistry

Posted on 8/22/2022 by Southern Family Dental Care
Emergencies in general dentistryDespite our best efforts to take care of our teeth and prevent them from being damaged, dental emergencies have been present and are very common as people head to the emergency from time to time. Dental emergencies have to be handled right away. Common dental emergencies include broken or knocked-out teeth, bleeding gums or teeth, extreme teeth sensitivity, and pain or an infected tooth.

Common dental emergencies

Injury or trauma to the mouth or facial region could result in broken, fractured, or knocked-out teeth. The injury could result from motor accidents, falling, or engaging in contact activities like sports. Knocked-out teeth could be reattached if acted on quickly. The knocked-out tooth should be rinsed and placed back into the socket, secured by biting down on the jaw, or placed in a glass of milk to preserve it until you see the dentist. Broken teeth may be repaired through crowns.

Bleeding gums and teeth is another common dental emergency. Blood in the saliva could indicate gum disease, especially when brushing or flossing, and it could also be a cancerous condition symptom. It is wise to have your mouth checked immediately if you notice bleeding. Pain is always an indication that something is amiss. Tooth pain and sensitivity could indicate tooth decay or an infection. Although certain toothaches are self-manageable, it is important to avoid common pain-relieving medicine and have your toothache checked out by the dentist.

Infections in the teeth and mouth are referred to as abscesses and commonly appear between the spaces on the roof of the mouth. These mouth sores are caused by bacteria and could indicate gum disease. An abscess could potentially be a life-threatening condition, and one should contact their dentists immediately after they notice these sores. You should contact your dentist if you notice anything amiss with your oral cavity. Therefore, it is important to regularly inspect your mouth and watch for any changes.


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