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How Many Times Should I Floss Within A Day?

Posted on 9/19/2022 by Southern Family Dental Care
How Many Times Should I Floss Within A Day?Many people usually have a routine of brushing their teeth two times a day. That's wonderful. Research, however, shows that brushing our teeth only makes our teeth 70% clean.

The remaining 30% remains dirty and can cause plaque to occupy the mouth. This is harmful as it can cause infections in the mouth and affect a person's oral health. Plaque is a thin microbial biofilm that develops when food substances are left in the mouth.

Bacteria act on the plaque producing lactic acid that can lead to erosion of the enamel. The whole process can cause dental diseases and also affect the gums.

Why Is Flossing So Important and How Is It Done?

Flossing is the process of passing through a medicated thread between the teeth. Our dentists recommend using a long thread that can access all the teeth. A person should floss their teeth by passing the thread through a tooth in a C shape for about three times.

The same applies on the opposite side of the same tooth then repeat the process on the other tooth.

How Can I Know That I Am Flossing In the Correct Manner?

There are many ways to know whether you are flossing your teeth in the correct procedure. It is required to floss teeth after we eat food on a daily basis.

Pressure should be applied so as to remove all plaque in our teeth. People who experience bad breath in the morning after flossing their teeth at night tend to not be flossing in the correct manner.

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